Nescafe Frappe, Parakalo!

By now, all you faithful ooh la la dujour readers know how much I love love love coffee drinks. But I don't think anything tops my all-time favorite Greek frappe. I don't know what the Greeks do to this drink but there is nothing more pleasurable than ordering one at a cafe in Athens and slowly sipping it while people watching. If you can't make it to Greece any time soon, here is a fabulous recipe to try at home!


  1. You just can't beat the Nescafe Frappe in Greece. One of my favorite things to do while in Greece is go to Cape Sounion and sit at the cafe on top of the mountain with the view of Poseiden's Temple and enjoy a Greek Frappe, Yummy!!!

  2. Now that sounds fabulous! I love Sounion! And Sounion with a frappe sounds like just about the most perfect thing ever!