Just in time for Halloween!

OK, I don't want to 'black apple' everyone to death but have you seen her new creation?! These adorable black cat dolls are just in time for decorating the house for Halloween.


  1. ah!jeez....i'm already obsessed w/ her stuff as it is....i'm praying she doesn't do a major etsy shop update while i'm away... if so, can i request something from you?
    i'll email you later! :)

  2. I know Ms. M. I'm a bit obsessed too. Your wish is my command though...let me know what items you would like me to keep an eye on while you are onyour travels!

  3. These cats dolls are ridiculous, they are so cute!! I especially love those big smiles they have, they must have just got some tuna. They remind me of my Chaka Malik. This is her time of the year, what with Halloween and all. :-)