I'm a hoarder

You're probably wondering...what does being a hoarder have to do with this cute macaron chart from Laduree?...My answer: this is the small leaflet I took while shopping at the Laduree shop inside the Mitsukoshi department store. Actually, I took several because I knew I wanted to pass along one to my best buddy, KP. It's hard to see but the names of each macron are in French & Japanese...Kinda cute, no? Whenever I go to a cute and/or unusual shop, I always pick up their business card or book mark, or whatever else is given away as freebies. I have a ton in my wallet from my Tokyo travels and I find it amusing to look through them every once in a while..... Fancy that!


  1. This is so awesome!! I can't believe this was free! I think I would have taken the whole stack, great find!! Written in French and Japanese, so cool!!! Now I really want a macaron. :)

  2. I am with you Laura! I don't know how Ms. M didn't take the whole stack...I am sure I would have. I hate to sound like I am waiting around for presents but I can hardly wait for Ms. M's Tokyo gifts. I would gladly take a box full of pamphlets and business cards!

    By the way, I love business cards too! One of my favorties...from the 'Excellent Dumpling House' in China town in NYC...acquired on Thanksgiving Day 1997...one of my favorits Thanksgivings ever!

  3. oh my gosh! i totally loved that thanksgiving!!! i think i felt my toes numb up though....remember how cold it was that day while watching the thanksgiving day parade??

    i still have my business card for that restaurant too!

    i'm working on that package! i'm SUCH a procrastinator!