Books I am Loving

Here are 3 amazing books I am into now. Each one, totally different from the next:

French Milk
An illustrated travel journal by Lucy Kinsley on her journey to through Paris with her mother.

The Well Dressed Home
A glorious book about ways to make your home can reflect your personal style.

South of Broad The latest book by the great southern writer Pat Conroy. Set against the lush backdrop of Charleston, South Carolina, Conroy fills the book with an incredible array of characters and beautiful writing.


  1. Awesome!! Thank you for all these suggestions, I am always looking for new books to read. I love that title french milk! I really want to read the pat conroy book though, I've heard its excellent.:)
    Do you think you could recommend some movies out this fall that are great? I have seen a couple movies in the last few weeks that were awesome and now I just want to see more. :-)

  2. Maybe I will do a post on some movies next! Hit your local public library to check the other out. They are awesome!

  3. I absolutely loved French Milk. I think I read that in two days! totally made me want drink french milk!!!!