Speaking of the Daylight Savings...

I think watches might be one of my favorite things to wear. Even though bags are my all-time favorite accessory, watches are a very close second. 'Jewelry with a function' is how my mom described them so perfectly.

So here we are, about to 'fall back' and I have 2 new fabulous watches to speak of. They are completely different...and for totally different purposes but they are both completely awesome in their own way. The first is my beautiful, gorgeous new Raymond Weil from the Tango series. A gift from my mom (she got it in a steal of a deal at a closeout sale), it's a watch I dreamed of owning for years now. The band is like a bracelet and I love its rectangular face and roman numerals. The other is a recent purchase from Target. A $40 Timex for the gym and my jogs...this watch does everything...and is a smashing purple color to boot!


  1. Brilliant! love both watches! having owned a raymond weil watch for over 10 yrs now, i can say it's still going strong!!! love this model!! just gorgeous! you totally deserve it!

  2. The RW watch is so beautiful!! It really is jewelry with a function. Its so gorgeous! I read this post to mom and she was all excited. :-)

    The Timex watch is awesome!I love the look of the ironman watch, so cool!