Martha's wrapping

I am getting so many ideas from the Martha Stewart website on Christmas wrapping. Gift wrapping is something that I don't think people pay enough attention. I almost think of it as an art in and of itself. When it's done to perfection, I almost don't want to rip into the package!


  1. love the wrapping!! and I SO agree about the art of giftwrapping. i absolutely love wrapping gifts.... it's probably my favorite part of the gifting process!

  2. Well, this is reason number 843 that I believe we were separated at birth! And boy do you have the art of wrapping down. Honestly Ms. M, you give the most awesome packages but I don't think anything is more joyful that your wrapping. YOU are the master!

  3. I love receiving a perfectly wrapped gift, sometimes I remember how beautiful the wrapping was than the actual gift. I unfortunately am not a good wrapper, my gifts always look lumpy with way too much tape.
    Do you still have the wrapping paper I bought you from IKEA for your birthday?

  4. Laura...you are a great wrapper!!! Are you kidding me! Your packages are amazing and a lot of it has to do with the fact that your presents are having a party all on their own. I save most of the paper you use!!

    I do still have that awesome IKEA wrapping paper. I used in that last package I sent you but I try to save it only for special occasions.