The weekend is almost here...

...hope everyone does something positively thrilling!

- Photo by Joe


  1. It is so crazy I was going to post this exact same photo on soulrun today! Great choice! Do you have any plans for the weekend?

  2. Pumpkins, more tree stands and Sunday Chris, Adriane and I are having a pasta dinner at the house and then going to see the movie 'Bright Star". Very excited!

    How about you guys?

    This photo is genius!

  3. i love this photo!!! absolutely gorgeous!
    katie, your weekend sounds fabby! we're going to butler's tomorrow for pumpkin picking too!!! and we're having pasta tonight! yummmm..... oh, i want to see bright star! let us know how it is.

  4. I will give you a full review on Mon. Hooray!

    Chris is making his famous pasta sauce this weekend. Tomorrow is supposed to be really nice up here...thank goodness because its awful out now.

  5. Ms. M...hope you find some great pumpkins!

  6. thank you, katie! i wish you the same!!! can't wait to sample the farm's apple cider. yummmm