Could it be? Another long lost love.

So long before Michelle Obama discovered JCrew, Ms. M and I were faithful devotees. And Ms. M will remember, in '98, I purchased a pair of black leather Oxfords (actually we both did) that I decided would go in our 'Hall of Fame' or great purchases. These Oxfords were so great, I STILL have them (I am in, in fact, wearing them today). I don't know what it is about these shoes that is so special. They are just perfect in every way and I absolutely covet them. I am fairly certain that you Ooh La La faithful know what my next comment is going to be...of course...I have been looking for another pair like them for years. Now I know I will never be able to perfectly duplicate my beloved '98 Oxfords but check out these newbies that are from JCrew's sister company Madwell. They have a little more heel than I want and they are kind of pointy, but they are really quite fabulous aside from those two little flaws. I think they might just satisfy my long, sad tale of want.


  1. These shoes are very smart! I think you owe it wo yourself to buy these today. :-)

  2. Not owe it wo yourself but to yourself, sorry.

  3. No problem...I understood...but I kind of liked 'wo' it to myself.