Long lost love

Years ago, when I first moved to Rochester, I had a backpack. I loved this backpack. It was perfect. Faux leather, perfect size, very stylin' ... and best of all, it reminded me of the very backpack Elaine used to carry on 'Seinfeld' (before she went all glam). I was in grad. school at the time so the poor backpack was always filled to the brim with books...big heavy books. So, you guessed it...after all that abuse, the backpack got destroyed. I have looked for one like it since then (probably 10 years) and I think I finally found it. This one, available at Urban Oufitters, is a dead ringer for my beloved old friend.


  1. I love this backpack, I'll have to go check it out at UO. Do you have one in Rochester? If not it can be one of our shopping stops when you come visit. :)

  2. You know there is a UO in Buffalo that I have never been too so I would LOVE to check out the one in Pitt. Oh my gosh...so much shopping to do when I come there.