Scarf built for 2

We all know that the black apple (aka Emily Martin) is one talented son-of-a-gun but her stock went up even more for me once I saw this print. I love these 2 ... and I love that they are sharing a scarf (very much like one I knit a few years ago) even more.

Note from Ms. M:
Oh my gosh! For a sec I thought I must have written this post myself, but I didn't! I have this print hanging in my living room!!! This is hilarious! I love this print...It was my very first Emily print...I have it grouped with my treasured Paris souvenirs....Yay! Great post! (hope you don't mind me posting alongside yours!)


  1. Oh my gosh...that is hilarious! I have this print in my study!!! I've been wanting to write a post on it for weeks but I kept forgetting. I think it is one of her best (well, now that I know you have it too, its verified). I really wanted to put on the blog because I just want to be able to see it whenever I want :)

  2. seriously! i think my brain did a double-take when i saw this print. it was like "how'd it get here?!!"..... so funny!!!!

    see, it's things like this that really makes me think we are SO similar in our tastes.....

  3. I love when I see things on this blog that I either want, own or have wanted to post about. I actually can't think of anyone (outside of my very own sister) who I have more similar taste with.

  4. well, if i had a sister i'd want her to be...YOU!

  5. I love this print!! I might have to copy you guys once again and buy this too.