Finally Friday!

Thank heavens! It's finally Friday. I hope everyone has some cool plans for the weekend. It's supposed to be a lovely clear, 50 degrees here in upstate and the yard is begging to be raked. I admit that raking is a yard job that I enjoy. Call me crazy!

Beautiful 'Fall 2009' print by strawberryluna.


  1. Ooooh! I love this print! You can't beat Strawberryluna! I remember when you came to visit a couple years ago and you raked the leaves for me, Joe still makes fun of me for that. I have been trying to rake a couple times a week so that it doesn't get too overwhelming, what with all our trees and such. I also got a leaf blower which is the best!
    Do you have any plans for the weekend? I hope Chris is feeling much better. :-)

  2. No big plans this weekend. Chris and I usually do some shopping on Sat. On Sun. his friend has a film that is screening at the ImageOut Film Festival that is in town this week, so we will see that in the morning. Chris is going to a wedding in the afternoon and for me...well raking raking raking!!

    I think I am going to get all 4 strawberryluna seasonal prints. They are just amazing. This one even has gold in it.

  3. How about you guys? Ohiopyle with your guys? I saw Mary this morning and told her about Zeusy guy's tooth...she said to give him a big hug :)

  4. Well I have not been feeling very well this week, yesterday was the worst. I am so happy that I'm feeling much better today, I think I had a touch of swine flu. I might even take my guy out to Ohiopyle today, he loves it!!
    I really want to check out the September Issue this weekend, I can't wait to see it.

    I think I will go check out the strawberryluna site now, I feel like buying something.

    Your weekend sounds fabulous, I hope you are not working too hard. :-)