My favorite things ... forever ... and totally priceless

My friends...with KJ topping the list...love always and always (Lovely print via flapperdoodle)

My wonderful family...circa 1975 in Key West
Mom, Dad, Laura & me...truly four-of-a-kind

Me and Joe...aka the greatest brother-in-law ever

Aah...Christopher...great roommate...best friend
Greece...circa 1986

Pet love...Zeus and Chaka Malik

...and last but never least...Key Largo.

And that is what Ooh La La Du Jour means to me :)


  1. this is beautiful and so kind of you to put me on your list. love that photo of chris...fantastic!
    and zeus-- it's actually a great photo...very william wegman-like. gorgeous eyes

    i always love your family photos...i wish i'd known you as a kid..that would have been fun.

  2. oh! forgot to say that the print is so so cute..and right up my alley....the vespa and all!

  3. That print is just so you and me...remember our road trip days. The joy...the challenge...some of my absolute favorite memories.

    It's funny, even though Zeus is a Chocolate Lab. he often gets mistaken for a Weimaraner. Joe really takes some great pics of those 2 buddies.

    That pic of Chris is one of my faves. It's so tattered that it looks much older than it is. He was a mere baby then...

    And of course you would be on this list...there wouldn't be one without KJ.