Blast from the past (redux)

So this post is more to get an opinion out of you lovelies, so bear with me :) I am fascinated that Madewell is carrying Sebago Docksides and here's why; these shoes were like the unattainable dream when I was in junior high. If you grew up in the 80's (like me) then there is no way you don't remember these ubiquitous shoes. These shoes, Izod Lacoste polo shirts and designer jeans (preferably Sassoon, Jordache or Gloria Vanderbilt) were the uniform for us during the early part of the decade. They were the 'unattainable' dream because my mom would not get them for me. Before you start crying for me ;) do know that she bought me bunches of other stuff but these shoes, well, she just thought they were too expensive. I had other versions of these boat shoes (a Bass pair my parents got for me in Freeport, Maine come to mind) but I never owned the Sabago version. And as much as I loved my Bass pair, they didn't have that perfect square toe or the buttery soft leather of Sebago's...and of course they didn't have that ever important, tell-tale label...you know, the one that signaled how cool you were because you owned a pair of these originals.

So my question is this...I dont' really need these shoe...I am not even 100% sure how I would wear them...but they are pulling me in big time and I think the reason is my nostalgic feeling for them and the fact that I never got over not having a pair. My mom was right...they certainly aren't cheap but I wonder if it might be worth getting them just so I can finally scratch that long suffering itch.


  1. this is very interesting... for me the big topsider was the sperry. i had a pair that i wore to death w/ my bermuda shorts and RL/Lacoste polos. I was a pretty chic 5th grader. just kidding. i think everyone wore them so i wasn't that special....

    i'd say go ahead and buy the sebagos...i noticed the sperry brand over at jcrew... i guess they're trying to cover all grounds here... you know which pair i actually thought were interesting? the gold pair...now where would i wear those?

    you could wear the shoes w/ jeans, shorts--definitely while you're in the keys... or anywhere during the summer.... let me know if you get them

  2. So I guess every region had their version of the boat shoe that was considered 'hip'. I just wish there was a pic out there of you in the 5th grade in your awesome outfit. Adorable. And boy do I remember that look...or course you grew up in FL...hence the bermudas :)

    I am not sure what I am going to do about these shoes...the fact is I don't really want boat shoes...I just want these because I could not have them then. I'll keep you posted.

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