Birthdays, Dad and SUMMER!!!!!!!!!

OK, maybe I am a little biased but I think this is the best time of the year... first, you've got the first day of SUMMER!

...and really, what says summer better than my brother-in-law in a summer hat at the beach in the Keys :)

...then, you have Father's Day...here are Laura and me with our dad.

...not to mention Laura's birthday (and my dad's...June 19)...Happy Birthday to 2 of my favorite people of all time!!

Hooray!! Have a wonderful, summery weekend everyone!!!


  1. What an awesome post!!! Thanks and happy birthday to you too!! I love the pictures too! Look at Joey, what a super beachy guy, he was really feeling the Key Largo spirit.
    Happy Birthday Kate!! Have an awesome weekend!:)

  2. Thanks Laura!! I hope you have a super summery birthday weekend too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. That pic of Joe is just too good!