A gnome in my kitchen

Hey, how do you like my little friend? Isn't he super? My mom bought this for me so that I could put it out in the front part of my garden, but I didn't have the heart to keep him out there w. the harsh elements! His new job is to look smashing on my kitchen counter! I've always wanted to do the Amelie thing where I traveled everywhere w. my gnome and take pics of him in exotic locales....Too bad this one is so big!


  1. LOVE gnomes! The are so cute yet mischevious. I think he looks much happier in the kitchen too.

    Can I ask, what is that adorable print he is standing in front of?

  2. oh! so sweet that you took notice of my beloved Chocolat Lanvin poster!!! I got this years ago at a chocolate exhibit at the Natural Hist Museum in NY. It was the most indulgent exhibit ever and they had the best vintage posters--many of them french! I really should frame the darn thing but I just never got around to it. I think I've kept it in its original sleeve.... see, i'm very lazy!

  3. Aaaah...I knew it had to have some amazing story behind it. A chocolate exhibit is pretty amazing and does sounds so decadent! The 2 together are simply sensational!