It's baaack (but did it ever really go anywhere?)

So this is a post with an assignment. It has to be because I cannot find the piece from the July 2010 issue of Vogue online (at least not yet) and it's too fabulous not to chat about. The next time you are around your issue (and sadly, I don't have mine in front of me) flip to the back and check out the article waxing poetic about camel. OK, I automatically know it is going to be a great Fall collection when the powers that be are going gaga over camel. I love this little piece in particular for the outfit they put together...specifically a camel skirt and sweater from Talbots with a thin animal print belt (Ann Taylor, I think) and smashing red bag. Seriously, fashionistas are already twittering about the Talbot sweater/skirt set so if you love them...you may want to start stalking them now! I really don't know if there is anything I love more in fashion than camel with boldly, beautiful accessories. Love!

(Of course the Sartorialist was already all over camel via Europe months ago :)


  1. i only have a sec before i head out for my doc film (!)....but i wanted to comment on this because i have been obsessed with that particular photo of the talbots camel colored sweater & belt! i clipped it already and this image was the first thing i saw when i turned to this layout!

    you know i'm a huge camel fan too and i'm very happy to see it creeping back again... don't you love fashion? the way it always makes its way back again.....

    i'm actually obsessed w/ the whole fall catalog for talbots. how crazy does that sound?

    OK... i'm off! have a great day!

  2. Well, KJ...as always , you and I are totally on the same page. I am officially obsessed with this outfit. I'm afraid there are going to be a bunch of women wearing this come the fall.

    I just love camel so much and I love the way they don't even try to reinvent it. It just comes back as awesome as ever. The last time I remember being this excited about camel was the fall of '95...a season that, if I recall correctly, you and I had matching (not purposely) JCrew camel car coats :)