I see London...

I'm off to London in mid July! My itinerary includes short jaunts to Bath (to pay homage to Ms. Austen...it's long overdue!) & Oxford and a chunnel trip to Paris for a day! I'm starting the countdown as of right now...(besides the anticipation is more than half the fun!)


  1. So lucky!!!!! I want to go tooooooooooo! And I love that picture of the bus stop!

  2. you know, i get super nervous before i book trips (because i need all the dates to be PERFECT)...but once it's done i get a huge sense of relief!

    i am so psyched for this one. i figure it's our last hurrah before the bambino joins us...might as well make it good. you know, we can't leave the country for a year once the baby arrives...(a little immigration issue for the little one because it takes a year for them to legally become ours)

  3. Well that is so interesting KJ (love the new name:) I had no idea that you could not leave for a year. Definitely live it up then! I am so excited for this next chapter for you guys!

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