chunnel travels

I just booked my final destination for our upcoming trip to London in July! Now the itinerary is all set.....I'd been debating whether we'd do a jaunt through the rest of England, while we're being based out of London, but I decided to go another route.

I'd already planned a mini day trip to Paris, but I've decided to go for a day trip to Brussels as well! I'd been through Belgium before, but never stopped off at the capital city...I can't wait to feast on mussels, frites, & yummy Belgian chocolate! I will definitely bring you back souvenirs, KP!

Now only if mid-July would roll around sooner......(sigh)


  1. oh...my...gosh...this sounds so fabulous I can barely stand it. When are you leaving? I will definitely be living vicariously through you. Oh my gosh Brussels will be amazing. My father went a time or 2 and loved it!!

    Travel love...sigh.

  2. i'm leaving on the 20th....it seems like a million yrs away....
    oh! how cool is that?...i'll definitely think of your dad when i'm there! i'll definitely bring you back chocolates... (of course i need to be better at sending the gifts i actually buy)....
    you don't know this, but i bought you great korean tea (it was called candy tea!)..i think it's loose tea...from a wonderful tea museum i went to...but i still haven't sent it to you. how sad is that?

    now i HAVE to sent it right? there's some other goodies i've had stashed for you (since XMAS!) but i never got around to it...

    OK>> will definitely send package off to you!

  3. Oh please KJ...don't even get me started on NOT sending packages. Ugh...no one is worse than I am. I also have XMas stuff I still need to send...and I think birthday was well. Maybe I can make that a summer project as well.

    That said, the Korean tea sounds amazing. You and Laura are the all time greatest gift givers. I still think you guys should go into business :)

  4. i can only dream of following my dreams....!