As promised...My J.Crew Clearance Store Adventure!

I know the post is a bit picture heavy, but I wanted to provide as much detail as possible about the J.Crew Clearance Centers in Wyndhurst & Millrace. The Wyndhurst location is pretty new (opened in Jan. I think) and the Millrace location is practically next door to the famous distribution center in One Ivy Crescent (OK..Who doesn't know this address by heart?!). I actually preferred the Wyndhurst location because there were better merchandise---more shoe selections, women's, men's & crewcuts clothing/shoes. I had the absolute best time here. It only took us 3 hours to get to Lynchburg & the route we took to get there was quite scenic. On the way back we stopped off at Monticello and had a nice break before heading home... So you may be wondering....How are the prices??? Well, I can definitely say it was dirt cheap! (compared to regular J.Crew prices) See the 3 pairs of shoes? I bought the women's pom pom flats for $35 (reg price of $138!) Can you hear the excitement as I tell you this??? The 2 shoes you see together are actually Crewcuts shoes! The driving mocs are from the boy's collection ($18 before I had the 30% off!) & the other is the Lilly Peep Toe flats...again, for about the same price as the mocs! I also bought some cashmere tees, a v-neck sweater & the flower mosaic embroidered tunic! The last item was a total coup because this item was actually a return item and the only flaw was a tiny tear near the drawstring loops. I hadn't been so thrilled about a shopping trip in ages! I'm looking forward to getting back there....Just thinking about the trip makes me giddy...!

PS: I forgot to mention that most of these clothes/shoes are overstock items & some returns (but you could barely find any problems many of the items), and it seemed all the pieces were from the current collections...

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  1. Lucky lucky lucky girl for living so close to this little bit of heaven!! Love your purchases and love the layout of this store. Sigh.