My pride and joy

This has to be my proudest moment. Just get a gander at the gorgeous peonies in my yard that came in this weekend (in time for the holiday BBQ too!) Love love love!

(Great job on the stone wall too CN!)


  1. Love your peonies! i can't believe the difference in temps...sadly, my peonies are slowly making their exit! this was my 3rd yr w/ them and they were the best so far! i'm tempted to go out and buy more peony bushes to plant elsewhere...

    also love the rock border! this is funny because my mom did the same for my small garden last year...she and my dad would go out each day and "scavenge" the area for big rocks. strangely enough our area has some really nice rocks.... anyway, i think the Chris did a great job!

  2. Thanks KJ! This was the first year for mine and they just took off! They make me so happy.

    I will tell Chris you like the wall! He will appreciate that, especially considering what a hard time I gave him before hand. He was right though...it was really necessary.