Not sure about the shoes...but you gotta LOVE the name

So, I was doing a bit of shopping last week (at Ulta) and when I walked out, I noticed it was right next to a DSW shoe store. I have to admit, I haven't been into a DSW in years (and just as an aside, I probably won't go back for a while...nothing against them...I just can't shoe shop the old fashioned way anymore....I'm all about Zappos et al). My trip into DSW wasn't a total wash however 'cause I discovered that they carry a brand of shoe called...get this...'Kelly & Katie'. So cute! What do you think of that KJ? I am thinking of buying a pair (they are pretty inexpensive) just for the box!


  1. you know, i do know this because i do go there once in a while...but most always walk out empty handed, which probably isn't a bad thing...
    and i have noticed this company! the first time i saw it i just cracked up! how cool is that? you're very right about maybe just buying it for the box! brilliant idea, kp!

    hey, we should own stock in our own namesake!

  2. I agree!! They seem to be pretty popular. Now I'm kind of inspired to get a pair. It will just be one more story of a purchase I've made that nobody here will understand. Of course maybe I'm the one who's the nut but I know you will understand KJ...you know, the concept of buying something for the 'little' things. For ex., half the reason I love that Essie nail polish 'Big Spender' is for the name. But when I tell people that, they think I am nut job.

    I just think people are no fun.

  3. OK..who DOESN'T buy Essie for the name??? Jesus! half the reason i buy anything is because i like the name of something! the ones who don't understand are the nut jobs!

    well, now i have to go out and buy a pair of these shoes too. it only seems fair!

  4. Even just wear around the house...how can we NOT buy these shoes ?!

    And thank you on the 'name' thing. I'm not kidding KJ when I say stuff like that, these guys look at me like I've lost my mind. It's like the red cup at Starbucks...I know everyone in the world get's it...otherwise why would they do it. But then there is everyone I know...I know you know who I am talking about. Such a bunch of bores.

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  6. KJ and Katiep,

    We were having fun reading your blog about about fun reasons to buy due to the name. I've bought tons of Kelly & Katie. It's my neice's name...and the box is fun, too.

    I'd like to treat you both to a pair of Kelly & Katie's through our dsw.com site. We need to get you re-engaged to DSW. Our breeathtaking assortment is incredible!

    I also agree online shopping is fantastic!

    Email me at kellycook@dswinc.com for your gifts.

    Happy Shoe Shopping!


    Kelly N. Cook
    Marketing VP & Shoe Lover, DSW

  7. Dear Kelly! What a lovely, generous and kind offer. Up here in Rochester, NY, I can tell you we rely heavily on shoe stores such as DSW. Great deal, great shoes and really a great atmosphere for shopping.

    Again, thanks so much for you offer and for reading our blog.