Iron Beer

Have you tried Iron Beer? Have you even heard of it? It is a soft drink that originated in Cuba (in 1917 according to Wikipedia) which might be why the only place I've ever seen it is Miami. It kind of doesn't make any difference to me that I can't seem to get it anyplace else because, though very delicious (I'm not even sure how to describe it...a far yummier version of Dr. Pepper, maybe?), I don't think I want to have it any other time than when I visit Key Largo. After coming in from a long, hot day at the beach, nothing really quenches your thirst quite like it.

(Photo by Laura :)


  1. this is fascinating...and i love it even more if it really does take a bit like dr. pepper... is it very strong?
    i think the name is equally fascinating....very cuban!

  2. You know, it almost has a peppery taste. It's so hard to describe the difference. I've been drinking it for years and always having the worst time trying to describe it. It is very yummy though...I think you would love it!

  3. I brought home several 6 packs of it from the keys, I'm still enjoying it!! The taste is really hard to put your finger on, I would say its a cross between dr. pepper and vanilla coke, so yummy!!!

  4. Yes! There is vanilla in there too Laura! Of course now I am deferring to the expert ;)

    Nice to have to back by the way!!