A weekend that starts with presents...

...is pretty much always, going to be the most awesome weekend ever. And that's exactly how mine started. Actually, after getting out of work on Friday, I went over to Wegmans and got some ingredients for what turned out to be a super delicious and easy easy easy recipe for Gnocchi with summer vegetables. Try it out because it will NOT disappoint. When I finally got home, my birthday package from my sister Laura, was waiting for me. All I have to say is 'hooray'!! I just happen to know 2 of the best 'package givers' in the world...Laura and KJ. In fact, I keep telling them they should start their own business, putting together packages as a service. Seriously, no one does it better. They always manage to put together the best selection of things that are fun yet functional. The picture above is of all the various goodies in Laura's recent pacakge. It was quite Florida-inspired as you can see and which I totally love. I could not even tell you my favorite things but I did particularly love the cupcake oven-mit, the adorable sea horse t-shirt from Target, the 'Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake' blank journal and Florida Keys key chain (which I am using for my work keys :) Such a fun package to kick of a lovely weekend.

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  1. love all the items!!!! great package and what a way to kick off the weekend!