I love summer. There are just no 2 ways about. I dig all the seasons for different reasons...but summer is just...special. My sister, Laura said it best when she said, "I love any place in the summertime". It really doesn't matter if you are up here in Rochester or in Pittsburgh or DC or wherever...summer just makes every place fun. I especially love June. Summer begins...school ends...lots of birthdays (mine, Laura...the list goes on) ... not to mention generally lovely weather...oh June...I'm so happy you are finally here.

(Fabulous umbrella photo by Plasticfantastic and if you have the chance, check out The Endless Summer on DVD...both so summery :)


  1. you know, i still can't believe it's summer...i keep wondering where spring went! but you're absolutely right about this season!...

  2. I know! It's nuts...but an awesome kind of nust. Like when the holidays roll around. I am just happy knowing it's June!

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