taking fashion advice from 10yr olds

Is it silly or wrong to take fashion cues from the tween crowd? Of course I try to rationalize that the people behind the Crewcuts catalog are really my age and why wouldn't I like how every outfit is styled? I am in love with Crewcuts, not only because I have finally found out once & for all that I fit into the K3-K4 shoe sizes (!) but because each page is filled w/ fabulous styling tips...
Take for instance the latest catalog (have you received yours in the mail?): all the little girls are wearing Essie nail polish but they have one nail that's in a different shade. How cool is this? This isn't earthy shattering, I know....but it's still a really fresh way of wearing nail polish. It's always some random nail too...not just the pinky. I plan on trying this very soon! Another look that I really loved was when the girls were wearing 2 overlapping bobby pins. How genius is this? It's all subtle, but if you look carefully you can get some very good ideas from the kiddos! Can I tell you that the photo on the left is one of my all time favs? How stylin' are they?...and even more so because they're holding cameras!

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  1. It's never wrong when the fashion cues are coming via JCrew. I don't think I even get Crewcuts at home...but I wander the website continuously. One of the things I like about kid style in general and Crewcuts in particular is what I like to call the 'style to comfort' ratio. Both are very important to me (though I would not sacrifice the former for the later) but to be frank if you look uncomfortable, to me at least, you can never look stylish...and these kids have got it down.

    And I am fascinated by the nail polish composition. Definitely do try that at home :)