airport chic

So what's your style mantra when you travel? Please don't say "comfortable" sweats. That's a big no-no. I always love the Europeans because they've clearly mastered the art of dressing airport chic. Take a look at some stars who've been "caught" by paparazzi (most obviously overdress for the occasion) while walking through the airport. Camilla Belle (I think she's quite pretty!) & Chloe Sevigny have the right concept going: simple, yet well thought out! I'm already thinking about my "airport outfit" for my upcoming trip...Am I the only one who does this? It's always fun to plan my wardrobe, although I don't think I'm a very good packer. I always end up wearing a few pieces over & over and neglect other items I just shouldn't have brought! Maybe one day I'll learn...Either way, it's just fun....

(I feel this is one of those topics that seem to re-play again & again because it's always fun to people watch while at the airport! What else can you do to pass away the time?)


  1. This is so interesting. I am fairly certain I should put WAY more thought into my airport outfits than I do. At least I never wear sweats though :) My only real requirement is that I have shoes that slip on and off easily (because of the security issues). I always bring a sweater or jacket (planes and airports are notoriously freezing) but beyond that, I must admit, I hardly ever wear any of my favorite things. I just try my best to be neat and presentable. Actually, the last airport outfit I wore was pretty perfect. I had on semi-dark jeans (Old Navy) and a comfortable black top with very cute trim at the neckline and my slip on Puma sneakers. Neat, simple yet airport friendly.

    I would love to look more like these 2...but I can't replicate a key part of their outfits...those adorable flats. I absolutely have to wear socks (again, the cold :)

  2. Oh and I just thought of this...the carry on. My absolute favorite for look and function is my giant Herve tote. I can get so much into it but I never feel sloppy carrying it. Of course with the charge for checking in luggage now I might have to rethink what the luggage I take on the plane.

  3. here's what i usually do:
    1)Must have long sleeved tee or sweater
    2)Must have cardigan on if wearing tee
    3)Must wear flats (I don't have a thing about cold feet so that's OK w/ me...but I totally see where your coming from)..I can generally wear ballet flats in winter...Cold feet doesn't really bother me for some reason
    4)Must have jeans on (just in case I'm clumsy and spill something...I can always wash it off)
    5)Must wear dark clothing for the most part (which isn't an issue w/ me since I wear so much black/charcoal grey
    6)Definitely should have cute carry on--I always have my trusty Longchamp pliage bag (Herve is a very good option!)
    7)I always try to wear a favorite piece, which usually means it's a sweater of some sort...It just adds to my excitement for the trip!