salt water sandals

Did you wear Sun san's original salt water sandals as a kid? I never did and maybe that's why I've wanted to own a pair for years....I keep seeing them all over blogs and they come in my size...so why not, right? They're simple, yet very stylish.....plus, they come in great summer colors!


  1. You know, I never even heard of these before all the recent blog posts which makes me a little suspicious of just how ubiquitous they really were. Then only reason I doubt my skepticism...they are totally adorable!

  2. i've been admiring these for so so long...and i kept thinking "oh they're for kiddies"....but every year i kept pining for them.... they're just so cute! maybe this is the summer i get a pair!

  3. They would look so completely fantastic on you! I really do love them.