Bass shoes

So I've "studied" this photo many many times (from a yr ago!)...and doesn't it look like Sofia is wearing Bass shoes? She's wearing the "Sharon" model....And how cool does she make these simple flats? I am partial to the "Margie" model myself and wear these every summer....but I just found the "Joanne" to be pretty cool as well. I have nostalgic memories of wearing Bass shoes as a kid (esp their penny loafers & bucs) and every summer I'll go into the outlet store and browse around for new sandals. They're comfortable, affordable, and simple....Just what I'd want in a summer sandal!


  1. I can't even tell you how much I love this post. Not just because Sofia is, as always, so smashing and inspirational but because I just adore a post that takes me back. And boy does the very thought of Bass...Sunjuns...weejuns...I lost track of how many I had growing up. Were these not the most comfortable, reliable shoes you every had? And with my uncontrollable fascination with sandals this season, how am I going to resist buying a pair. LOVE!!

  2. oh! you have to go in and buy some...i plan on going in for the "Joanne" this weekend...Like I said, I go to the outlet once a year in the summer and buy sandals...! I love them and I'm all about being nostalgic for the past (even more so lately!)....