I had a pretty interesting weekend....I was sick on Saturday, which kind of threw my I am Love schedule out the door...I was so looking forward to seeing it that day, but decided against it because I felt pretty weak from vomiting (all due to a weird iced coffee and corn combo for breakfast...I figured why not have corn for breakfast?)....I had a nice day regardless, although I was pretty much in slow motion for most of the scorching hot day( I think the temps were near 100). I bought two pairs of the most fabby khakis at the J.Crew outlet for nearly nothing...and went to Borders that night to look at Euro fashion mags (again, why isn't Anna taking cues from British/French Vogue?)

Sunday was the grand day I saw my much anticipated film! Oh my gosh! It did not disappoint. They should have listed the clothing as part of the starring cast--right up there w/ Tilda! My absolute favorite outfit was the button down w/ rusty orange khakis, sandals, & the most lovely grey pearls. My god! I still swoon at the image... Also, Tilda's hair style when she first arrives in San Remo. That swoop of hair was placed just so....I was in love...I didn't even care about the story line...It could have been a silent film for all I cared. I also loved the scene where Edo brings Betta a lovely Laduree bag filled w/ macarons. Anyway, I continued to be on cloud nine throughout the rest of my afternoon because I loved this film so much.

On Monday I attended the last day of the ALA conference in D.C..... I bought so many books! I went a bit overboard because all the titles were 50%off! I even saw Nancy Pearl giving an interview when I first walked in! I worked at an ALA conference years ago when I interned for Henry Holt and I got a bit nostalgic for the olden days....The ALA Conference has changed a lot since then... the freebies are a bit toned down now.... Mostly posters, which I picked up a few for the bambino and an adorable B&N bag that says B&N Loves Librarians! It was pretty cute. I had the greatest time at the Chronicle Books booth where I saw the adorable book, Glamour Dogs (I should have bought it). All in all, I had a pretty good time.

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  1. Man, that is an (as Laura would say) 'action packed' few days KJ! You know, I keep forgetting that, that is why things are so quiet around here...ALA is in DC! What a perfect post for LCM!! And Nancy Pearl...the superstar librarian in person...so fabulous!

    I hope you are feeling better now and I am so glad you got to see 'I Am Love'. I was definitely hoping to hear your thoughts and of course I figured you would come away feeling much the same way I did...it simply beautiful to watch.

    Of course any weekend that includes great purchases from JCrew cannot be topped :)