J.Crew checkout: $9,039.48

Because I am bored out of my mind on the ref desk I decided to see how much I could spend if I bought everything I wanted from the J.Crew website. The total is only a little over $9000! What a bargain..and I wasn't even going to start w/ the sale items....I did leave out accessories because i was just getting a bit tired of all the clicks I was making....I guess I can safely say I'd go bankrupt in a good year if left to my own devices...Can you imagine? Good God! I had a lovely solo shopping evening last night and I had a blast at my fav J.Crew...It's so nice to just wander aimlessly (although I did have a mission in mind---a top I wanted had finally gone on sale so bee-lined to this first....and then I continued to browse for a good half hour. I scored some other items and left with a big grin. Could life be any better than at that moment when you leave the store satisfied? Too bad the feeling doesn't last....


  1. I was just saying to someone yesterday that, if I had an unlimited budget, I would pretty much just call JCrew and with an opened catalog in front of me, tell them to send it all. Simple enough.

    That said, 9 grand is pretty darn impressive KJ?

    Funny though, I was looking through the 'new arrivals' this morning (since I got the email saying there were some in) and I don't know if it is the colors, or styles or layout of their webpage but I can't tell the new from the old. It's not the first time I've noticed this. Everything is just starting to look the same to me.

  2. you know, i do know what you are saying...but since i'm the obsessive type i happen to know each and every new item each and every month. i really think i may be diseased in the head, oh dear! things are starting to blend a bit much lately...and i think it has a lot to do w/ the makeup they're using...it's the whole bright lipstick/messy hair thing. they need to move on..and start picking more interesting locales too. they should go down to bermuda---go all out w/ bermuda shorts or something! the whole coral-y & rustic color combo is a bit old now.

    i was looking through an old issue from last march, i think and it was very similar to the layouts they have now.... they need to think of new things.

    i bet they're coming under huge pressure to really be innovators (esp since brands like ann taylor, BR, and all the others) are trying so desperately hard to follow in their footsteps... maybe they keep working w/ the same formula because they don't want to fail....

    also, they need new jewelry. i'm getting sick of the gunmetal/heavy metal look.

    that was all a mouthful!

    thanks for being impressed w/ my 9K. I bet if i "shopped" the sales section, i'd go over the 15K mark!

    I should play the lottery. after i won, i'd just give jcrew half the money and ask that i get one of everything for the rest of my life!

  3. Amen to everything you just said. You hit the nail on the hit, in particular, with 3 things:

    1) 'messy hair/bright lipstick' - we're on like year 3 of that look.

    2)'Coral-y and rustic' colors - I could not figure out how to describe their color palette but you did it to perfection. Again, we have to be on year 2 or 3 with that.

    3)'Gunmetal/heavy' jewelry - could not have said it more perfectly. I didn't like it to begin with...totally sick of it now. They could learn a lesson from Forever 21 :)

  4. question about the forever21 jewelry..do you think the earrings have lead in them? just curious..i mean, they're so cheap!

  5. I have to admit...at 3 bucks for 3 pair, I jsut assumed they did.

  6. oh well! i guess i'll just have to suffer for fashion.

  7. SO worth it for those candy heart earrings!

  8. are you stil in love w/ them too??? i should have bought extra pairs! god knows i could afford those! i esp love the nude colored and the fuschia hearts~!

  9. I seriously wear them everyday. Oh too pick a fave...so tough. But you know with my recent love of all things 'eggplant' I am totally addicted to the purple ones. The nude ones are another heavily worm pair.

    Might be the find of the summer KJ!