Every thing that is so right and so wrong with fashion rolled into one

Has anyone out there seem the documentary Lagerfeld Confidential? I would surely love to know if you have and I'm even more curious to know what you think. I caught it on the Sundance channel a weekend or 2 ago and I have to say, I could not tear myself away but also wanted to throw something through the tv so it would hit Karl L. squarely in the head. Here you have arguably one of the most important and talented people in the history of the fashion industry...someone so gifted and creative that it is simply jaw-dropping...and yet, he has to be (pardon my crassness) one of the biggest jerks on earth. I mean, every one of his pithy little remarks or retorts was so offensive or designed to be offensive that I just couldn't stand him by the end of the film. And yet, so much of what he said...really did make sense. He is so consistently difficult that it is hard to get mad. An example, he says, "I hate people who can't be alone" (which, by the way, I kind of agree with) but then says something like "I don't want to be real in other people's mind". Both are consistent with his personality (or whatever you call it) but boy, did I find him frustrating for some reason.

Well, warm and fuzzy, he definitely is not. And if that is why I don't like him...well that's just an inconsistency in me...'cause I don't like that type anyway. Now I am just rambling...if you've seen the film, let me know your impressions. If you haven't, check it out...like that proverbial train wreck you will not be able to look away.


  1. oh my gosh! i saw this a month or so ago! i meant to blog about it but just forgot!

    he is truly an enigma. he says all kinds of things but he totally contradicts whatever he just said a minute ago! i think that's how he likes it to be.

    don't you love the way he packs??? i mean, all the gorgeous luggage he has!

    he's a bit too obsessed w/ jewelry though...did you see how he puts a ring on each and every finger? ughh!

    actually my mom watched most of the doc w/ me and she just thought he was bizarre.

    i loved hearing about his childhood stories though....

  2. Thank god you saw this thing because I haven't found a sole who has and boy was I perplexed after! I so agree, I think he is an enigma but a calculate engima ... which is what kidn of annoyed me. If he was just a nut bag, I would have written him off as such and not given him a second thought..but he is somewhere between being crazy and trying to appear to be crazy and that was why I wanted to slap him.

    The luggage was truly amazing...my favorite part actually. The rings...good heavens...so him. One thing he said that I LOVED was that he couldn't understand designers who go around in junky tees and jeans. Basically he was like, if you work in fashion and you love it you have to dress the part. Bravo Karl!!

    Just a fascinating man.

  3. you know, he is german! maybe that's the calculating part in him...i was quite impressed w/ his french though. usually i hear him speaking english and sometimes german...but his french is beautiful.

    oh, do you remember the part where he says he always travels w/ his blankie because he gets an upset stomach when he travels on planes? i thought that was the most "normal" thing about him. he gets tummy aches when he travels!

  4. You are right on both counts! Germans always have a plan (thank goodness someone if Europe does these days) and his French was amazing...to the point where I you forget he's not French.

    I totally forgot the 'blankie' thing...so true...were it not for a few moments like that, I'd swear he was a robot.