Fun Friday :)

There usually isn't much more Friday needs to do to be fun than be itself. Of course some are just more fun than others, right? Well, today might just be one of those Fridays. If you didn't know (and I did not until I stopped in this morning at the local Dunkin Donuts with Adriane) today is 'Free Doughnut Day' at a couple of your favorite shops (Krispy Kreme being the other one). Buy a drink and get a free doughnut of your choice. I ask you, what could make a Friday better?

The only thing that could really round out a 'free doughnut Friday' is the annual Rochester Greek Festival. I'll be heading over there tonight with wonderful friends for my favorite greek coffee (metrio, of course) and loukoumades.

Opa! And have a great weekend everyone :)

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