Hooray! Happy Birthday Ooh La La Dujour!

Who doesn't love a birthday/anniversary (which is this by the way)?!?! Well, I certainly love them and this one in particular. Last night, Chris and I celebrated the one year birthday of Ooh La La DuJour with our favorite Wegmans Ultimate White Cake. Well, maybe it was just an excuse to have this delicious treat...but if you don't find occasions to celebrate in life...well, you are just missing out.

Happy 1 year KJ! I'm pretty sure 09-10 wouldn't have been half is fun without you :)


  1. oh! lovely cake and esp love the lettering! i've always loved these letters...they're so cute! very industrious of you, btw!

    love it!

  2. Industrious...or just indulgent :)

    I am such a fan of these candles. They make the simplest cake so festive!