Summer sweater et al

So last weekend, I went bonkers at the Christmas Tree Shop and this weekend it was Old Navy. You know what I love about Old Navy...they really get in the spirit of whatever season you are in. It is always kind of like a party in there. Summer is no different. I was so happy to find what I think will be my sweater of the summer (and I have really been looking). Summer sweaters are so tough because they have to be just the right weight. And the 'Slub-knit' style really is. I love the cuffs and reverse stitching ... but it's the light weight that really make it perfect. And also, if you can find the the 'Roll up Sleeve Camp shirt' get one! I got one with purple stripes (that I could not find an image of) that I love. The shirt is so soft and comfortable and light, I can see why they were going fast.

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  1. thanks for the tip! i was just in there on monday but it was for a quick sec and i didn't really look.. i'll have to check out the cardigan esp....i can always use another one!