presenting my desk @ home...

So this is my home desk...I have a white parsons desk from West Elm & a nice white W.E. chair to compliment the desk. This desk is actually a personal favorite of mine so I try to put some of my most treasured things on it (except for the pc...that belongs to B...I've tried & tried to convince him of getting a MacBook but it's hard to change a pc lover!) Notice the rotary phone? It doesn't actually work...but doesn't it look spiffy in white? :)


  1. Well now this is just picture perfect! I have to say, it is almost how I would imagine your desk to be KJ. I am totally in love with this. White really is a sure fire way to make a room so elegant but I can see you little touches of kitsch and humor and adorableness all over. Totally gorgeous!

  2. thanks so much! it means alot when you like my stuff! you know, sometimes i wonder if my taste in the "clean look" goes too far w/ all my love of things white...but i'm always drawn to it. i'm definitely a mod cottage kind of gal. :) many many thanks for the compliments!

  3. Seriously KJ...this is lovely enough to go in any design mag that I've seen. You are so right about white. It is so pure and simple that, with the right pieces, which you definitely have, you can achieve such a dramatic yet clean look.