Kris' book...the wait is over

It goes without saying that all of us lucky enough to call Kris Merola a friend and those of us who know her work, have been anxiously awaiting the release of her artists book Things I Wanted To Tell You for a while now. Well, the book is finally available and her launch party is next Saturday, June 19 (her birthday!!). A few months back I got a sneak preview of the work and it is magnificent. Prints of many pages of the book are also available and I talked her into selling me one recently (I'll post a picture of that when it is framed and hanging in the dining room). I hardly ever say this in posts 'cause I know we're all busy but if you look at any link in my posts today make it this one, which gives a description of the thoughts behind this work. You won't be disappointed...it's brilliant, mysterious and gorgeous.


  1. this sounds fascinating..i'm quite intrigued.

  2. I'm kind of obsessed with the book and even more so with the prints. She had a couple of large ones in the VSW auction a few weeks back and I was kicking myself for not getting one. But I may be in luck since she is going to reprint.

    There is just something so haunting (for lack of a better word) about this work. All these thoughts...hundreds of them...and they are all obscured.

  3. i loved reading the description for the work..that itself was beautifully written..so I'm taking it that the actual work is a million times better!

    So brave of Kris--- I've never been able to write in a journal/diary because I just didn't want all my thoughts preserved...It's always scared me to think that these thoughts/emotions could be kept so "permanent"...

  4. I know KJ...brave came to my mind too. I am going to forward an email to you that she just sent me. I inquired more about the thought process behind the work and her her description really does make you feel as though her tackling this is quite brave.