shopping & movies

I've made my first Talbots purchase! They were having a great sale yesterday and I bought a summer-perfect pima cotton shawl cardigan (in a lilac-y shade that's reminiscent of J.Crew's current color palette..and definitely less expensive than the colors shown online) & the fun palm tree print scarf...and the best part? They have a great rewards program! I received an extra 10% off and I get other rewards along the way...How cool is that? I think I was the youngest person in the store...but that's OK by me because that means the secret isn't out yet--better fitting clothes, a more stylish presentation overall.... I could go on. I left there a very happy camper.

I also saw Knight and Day... I know, I know... why am I seeing a Tom Cruise/Cameron Diaz movie? You know, it's actually pretty entertaining and the locales are gorgeous...and I absolutely love the movie poster. Very 60s Bond-ish, don't you think?

What I loved most about my fun packed Thursday was that the weekend didn't even officially start yet...The best part of this weekend is going to be seeing I am Love (finally!). I cannot wait to watch this film....KP, I'll let you know how much I loved it on Tuesday.....

So what are you up to this weekend?


  1. What a simply fabulous and as Laura would say, action packed weekend KJ! I simply cannot wait for you to seek "I Am Love". You must review it Mon. I do not think it will disappoint. It is opening up here next week and I think I am taking Chris.

    All this talk of Talbots is making me want to take a jaunt to their store this weekend. If the crowd in your area was older...good lord, what will it be like up here!?!

    Fabulous post to kick off a fabulous weekend!

  2. you have to go to talbots! i cannot believe i just said that, but really...you can find some pretty good stuff.

    i saw a cotton boatneck-like top that i liked but will wait for it to go on sale....

    of course you have to weed through all of the more traditional stuff, but i swear there are good finds.. and this rewards thing is genious!