My new 'uniform'

The July '10 JCrew catalog has an outfit that I just about fell over and died for this weekend. I am officially obsessed with it. (To be honest, I think the model looks kind of dorky which is why I didn't post the actual picture...but take a look at it because, from the neck down, it's so smashing). Here are all the pieces however. Let's face it, in the end it's all about those darn Bass Loafers :) Get ready kids 'cause once I assemble all these pieces, this is all you are going to see me in! Amore :)


  1. i love the bass loafers too! i used to adore mine...but i think the originals were a bit chunkier in the front.. this version seems a bit narrower... what do you think? i love my pennys... i remember each time i added a new shiny penny to my new pairs.. i must have had several in a few yrs span. i loved them that much!

    i totally know this photo...and remember loving the look--all thanks to the pennys!

    i bought two pairs of cropped khakis at the outlets this past weekend and i can't tell you how much i absolutely love them! and they were only $20 because of some sale! i love love jcrew!

  2. Nothing better than JCrew for khakis. They can get as fancy as they want but their bread and butter is always going to be that awesome staple.