'The room with the desk"

I can't in good conscience call this room a study because study to me implies something far more formal, with wall to ceiling shelves filled with amazingly, old leather-bound books. So Chris and I just refer to this room as the 'room with the desk'. I wish I had a before and after of this room because were it not for my wonderful mom...I would probably still have the door closed to this room, hoping one day to improve it. The previous owners of my house (who in general had very good taste) kind of lost it when it came to their 2 young children. This was presumably a baby boys room because it had a western theme. We used to refer to it as the 'Howdy' room because they had spelled out this particular greeting in large raised letters, somewhere near where the strawberryluna "Fair Trade" print is now. Seriously, it was awful. When my mom came to town, she spackled the massive holes left behind by their various wall decor (not an easy job by the way...my house was built in 1920...plaster walls...pure evil) and painted and, well, now I kind of adore this room. It has wonderful lighting and Berber carpeting and it really is a nice place to get some work done now :)


  1. i cannot image what the howdy room looks like because this room seems SO completely different---it has a quiet elegance about it... of course i love the chanel poster (i'm biased) and i love all the prints...love the greek coffee cup print. i just think that's brilliant--a very good focal point. and love love the book case....filled w/ happy photos...and i remember the one w/ you and your dad....i remember where it used to hang in your old apartment!

    your mom did a fantastic job and love the berber! noticed the liberty case and it's very cute! oh, forgot to mention the inspiration board...very nice indeed.
    can you take a pic of that so that i can see it better? just curious!

  2. Well, there is a lot of you in this room KJ. The Chanel poster and the Simplicity' print for starters! As you know, I have a lot of friends who are artists so their stuff is kind of all over the place here too. I really do wish I had a before pic of this room...my mom is pretty awesome with a spackle and paint :)

    Thanks so much for the compliments KJ. As you know, your word rules for me!