The Swan's Swan Song

Did you ever want to change place with a person...just for a day...just to see what it would be like to live in their shoes? For me, those shoes would have been the pointe shoes of Darci Kistler, one time protege of famed choreographer George Balanchine and principle dancer of the School of the American Ballet. In a world with endless, seamless beauty, Darci Kistler always struck me for her athleticism as much as her elegance. I'm not entirely sure what piece I first saw her perform in (it might have been 'A Midsummer Nights Dream') but I do remember wondering who the exquisitely, powerful dancer was . Darci Kistler retired on Sunday, and in a final performance...,was no doubt, as mesmerizing as ever.

(Photo by Jill Krementz)


  1. Do you remember those Jill Krementz book like 'A Very Young Dancer' or 'A Very Young Skater'? I should do a post about those because I was addicted to them as a kid.