you know it's bad when...

a mugger steals a coat off a dog's back! i laughed (and felt bad for humanity!) when i read this newsclip from the nypost about a westie who had his $25 green coat stolen as his owner went inside a store for some milk. apparently he has a nice burberry backup so no worries, but imagine if he didn't.... nyc is supposed to get a pounding of this lovely blizzard that d.c. saw today! did you hear??? we've officially topped this winter's snowfall as the heaviest! my mind is numb from all this snow...but it sure beats going in to work! stay warm!

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  1. OK, this is kind of the funniest thing I have ever heard. I am glad he had a back-up ... and Burberry no less (ooh la la :). What is this world coming too!