all things glittery

If happiness can be found inside a bottle, then deborah lippmann's "Happy Birthday" nail polish fits the bill! I treated myself to one for my very own b-day...strangely enough I feel a bit happier when I stare down at my nails. Go figure...$18 can buy you happiness. Speaking of glittery.... I was perusing fifi lapin's blog tonight and came across her wearing the glittery DVF number....What a chic combo!


  1. Oh boy is it good to have you back Ms. M. It seems blogging is just not the same with out you. And I have been totally jonesing for some Ms. M tips. I think I am in love with this nail polish. It really is as you said...happiness in a jar :)

  2. it surely feels nice to be back, kp....

  3. Hooray! Oh and how could I forget to comment on the amazingly chic Fifi Lapin! Oh how I wish I had this bunnie's wardrobe!