i heart: Once

Once has to be one of the sweetest movies I've seen...and I am in love with "Falling Slowly" the main track from the movie's soundtrack....Glen Hansard's raw voice is beautifully matched by Marketa Irglova's haunting background accompaniment in many of the songs...I am smitten with the simple nature of the film, but more so the lead characters. I'm a little late in discovering this gem, but I think I found it just at the right time. I was looking for something to lift me up and this movie did just that. I'm even in love with the name of the duo's band name, The Swell Season. Need I say more?

Also, if you have a moment head over to PRI's The World and listen to Marketa's interview with Marco Werman...I was listening to this segment while driving home a few weeks ago and purposely crept up to my driveway because I wanted to hear all of the segment.

{lovely artwork by elloh}


  1. Agreed! Once is an incredible movie! I had the chance to see the Swell Season in November and I got to meet Glen Hansard! On of the best nights ever!

  2. What is it about this movie and ths song in particular that is just so moving? I remeber when it was out. If was a particularly difficult time for me so I never got to actually see the film until months after it was actually out. But the song...I had been seeing it on VH1 for weeks (while I was recovering from srugery) and it just hit me. I thought it was the most beautiful, simple song I had ever heard. I thought that I was just especially vulnerable being so down physically but maybe it is just that kind of song...the kind that hits you when you need it most.

    Great post...lovely painting...