Bike Tool Roll - 100% handmade, 100% awesome

So I have to plead a certain amount of partiality for this particular item. That's because it was designed by my brother-in-law Joe and 100% handmade by my sister Laura. Joe is an avid, expert biker and he and Laura are quite a team when it comes to all things exercise and outdoor related. Frankly they are are both monsters when it comes to outdoor living. Laura has competed in many marathons (she even won one a few years ago) and Joe has been biking, well, pretty much forever. I could try to list all the activities they do, but it would be insane. Let me just say they do everything. Joe had been saying that there just wasn't a good way to transport bike tools out on the market. Let's face it...you don't want to get stuck without them when you are on a long ride (and no one has invented Triple A for bikes as far as I know). So he and Laura designed this really cool looking case that has all the flexibility you need when you are out of the road with the durability to hold up to the road. I'm not a biker but I can already think of a few things it would be pretty awesome for ( I have so many artists friends who are always trying to figure out ways to transport their equipment). For more info. check out their Blog and Etsy shop. You can custom order them as well. Great tip and great idea for the organized adventurer.


  1. this is so awesome!!! and it's beautifully made....love it! i wish laura & joe great success!!! very cool.

  2. Thanks so much ms. m! Thanks Kate for the awesome post!! I just ordered some waterproof technical material from this awesome website called Seattle fabrics, I'm so excited to get started on some water proof tool rolls. :)