snowed in...

hi all. it's been a while since i've last posted....thanks to kp for holding down the fort!
did you hear d.c. is getting pounded w. snow this weekend??? yep...for the second time this winter, we're getting a blizzard.... and you know how d.c. gets when there's a major snowstorm! i've been glued to local news all day long--it's total mindless chatter but i kinda enjoy it.
we went to wegmans last night and i swear most perishable items were sold out! total chaos...but i guess there's good reason this time around...we're sure to get at least 24 inches but might get up as high as 30 inches! above is a beautiful photo of our neighborhood covered in snow....
stay warm, folks!

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  1. Ms. M!! What a beautiful pic! So good to hear from you and I certainly hope you are surviving the slow onslaught! Holy cow! What a bizarre turn of events for DC...maybe the worst city in the world to have to deal with too much snow. I say sit back, have a nice cup of tea and watch everyone panic.

    Things up here, winter-wise, are totally uneventful. A far cry from what you are experiencing.

    Anyway, stay well...and keep us all posted on the latest from chaos-central.