Vogue March '10

I am officially referring to the March issue of American Vogue as 'the good, the bad and the...huh?' Have you seen the issue yet? It is amazing and stupid all at the same time. To be positive, let's start with the 'good'. The 'Clean Living' spread and the 'Love at first sight' spread (featuring the wonderful Karlie Kloss) are simply gorgeous. I want every piece from those shoots and adore everything, head to toe. The 'bad' is stuff like the 'military' spread. If I have to see one more magazine featuring military inspired clothing, I think I might go over the edge. It's just my opinion but I don't like that look and the fact that it keeps popping up is mind boggling to me. But I suppose I am just being silly for thinking American Vogue might ... oh, I dont' know, be a little inventive and daring. The 'huh' is Tina Fey on the cover. Everyone knows she is not a clothes horse. In fact, she's an awful dresser. When you read the story about her, it is mostly dedicated to her fashion faux pas. Nevertheless...if she can land on the cover of the world's top fashion magazine...well, then it has ceased to be a fashion magazine. Just call it 'Vanity Fair II'.


  1. i was taken by the same two spreads!!! esp the first one...it was quite a nice departure from their usual boring spreads.... yes, the military stuff is grating on me too. seriously, do all the mag editors get together and discuss "what will be in style" this season?? because they're all doing the same stuff. it's SO boring!!!! i have to admit i bought a jcrew jacket a few years back and it has that military style about it...but i haven't touched it in 4 1/2 yrs! was i too ahead of fashion??? (i'm kidding here!) tina fey..oy vay! i had heard she had landed the golden egg but i was quite uneasy about her cover..and that spread! yikes! there's one where she's wearing (not sure who the designer is) the black safety pin dress....yikes! she looks SO stiff! what would possess anna wintour to pick her for the second biggest cover for the year! did they forget march is an important month? oh! don't even get me started......

  2. Please do get started Ms. M..I love it!

    Well all I can say is ... I knew you would be with me on this one. In fact, as I was flipping through my issue, the last couple nights, I kept thinking of what we would be saying to each other if we were side-by-side, perusing the mag. You hit the nail on the head with Tina F. on the MARCH cover! For god's sake, I could have tolerated her on say, February or May, but March!? Second only to Sept, it has to be one of the biggest coups in fashion so to hand it over to this person...probably for nothing more than political reasons just bugs the heck out of me.

    As for the military stuff...you know, every once in a while there will be a piece or 2 that I think is interesting (and geez, I remember the JCrew jacket...beautiful)...but they are truly beating a dead horse.