Milan...most fashionable city....ever!

Have you checked out The Sartorialist lately? Wow. I suppose there is a reason Milan has the reputation for being the most fashionable city on earth. These people are blowing me away!


  1. Wow! These people are the bomb! I especially love the bottom picture with her camel coat and beautiful red handbag, thats awesome!!
    And that fellow, he is fabulous, I haven't seen many dudes in pittsburgh looking so smashing:)

  2. I don't think there is any place in the US (and you know I love the US)...even NYC...where people look like this. Let's face it....looking like this takes a lot of style and some BIG bucks!

    The girl in the camel coat with the (I think) Louis Vuitton Alma bag in red is totally incredible...better than a magazine!

  3. Oh snap I thought this was from a magazine photo shoot! Thats not fair they are way too fabulous to be regulars.

  4. No, can you believe it! They are from the Satorialist blog...these are just people he found around Milan. Aren't they amazing. Remind me to tell you about the site I saw this morning on my way to work...ugh. Rochester, as much as I love you, you are not Milan.