Lonny: February Issue Now Available

Don't forget to check out the newest online issue of Lonny! I love this mag...I would buy this in a heartbeat if the paper version were available...It definitely has all the great touches of my beloved Domino.....Take a look!


  1. Aaaaah! Thank you for reminding me about Lonny! It's like you knew I would forget. I just haven't switched my brain over to the concept of online magazine but this one is so brilliant I must put it on my list of things to keep track of!

    I'm home sick with a silly cold today...now I have some grea reading material!

  2. katie!
    i'm so sorry to hear you have a cold....take very good care of yourself!!! and have fun just relaxing.... i'm telling you, i LOVE this mag!!! it really reminds me of domino in SO many ways!!!