Elle UK

Did you know that Elle UK is my newest favorite fashion mag (besides British/French Vogue, of course)? Not only am I mad over the covers (when was the last time I was giddy over a cover?) the content is actually smart! I bought this Dec. issue w/ Kate Hudson on the cover (and I'm so not a fan of hers!..but I actually like her in the spread) and have coveted it ever since. I am in love w/ the graphics too....It's just fun! I like the American counterpart as well and think it's way better than American Vogue. Check it out when you get the chance!

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  1. Well now this interesting. You know I was never a big reader of Elle but I know that the European counterparts of all the fashion mags are better than the US versions.I mean take this cover for ex. It's gorgeous!!! And I think Kate Hudson is the biggest piece of fluff in the world. I am so excited to check this out.

    Great post Ms.M!!