Adorable Valentines

How fabulous are Emily Martin's (aka the Black Apple) Valentines. Just a little over a week left to pass these cuties on to your sweetie!


  1. I love all the Emily Martin holiday cards, I still have the Halloween card you sent me on my refrigerator. I wish that adults could pass out valentines day cards like we used to do in elementary school and such, that was so much fun!!

  2. You know, I pretty much send out Valentines day cards every year..just like when I was a little kid. A few years about I sent out Spongebob cards that were pretty hilarious.

    If you want some Black Apple freebies...check out her free download of Valentines...cut them out...give them out...so cute!


  3. Oh thanks for that link! I might be passing out valentines day cards after all.:)